Updated: My modest #TBYSReadathon reading list

Take Back Your Shelves wrapped up yesterday. So how did I do?

I had three books on my reading list. With the top one, The Nix: A novel, being 653 pages (in my library e-book edition), even finishing that one would have been a feat. At least for me, first because I’m a slow reader. Also, I had work responsibilities to attend to, holiday weekend not withstanding.

My final reading tally was 533 pages. I read two chapters of Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading. But most of my reading time was devoted to The Nix: A novel. I have about 35 pages to go, but so far, I love it so much that I expect I’ll be buying the hardcover for my “favorites” shelf.

Anyone else participate? How’d you do?

Today is the first day of Take Back Your Shelves Readathon (#TBYSReadathon), hosted at JMill Wanders. It runs from today through the weekend, and there are no rules. I like that!

I’m participating because the community aspect inspires me. Wide-open reading time will be in short supply this weekend since I do have to work. But I will devote as much time as possible to my lovely books.

Now for the fun part, my #TBYSReadathon reading list:

The Nix by Nathan Hill

The Odyssey by Homer

Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading by Lizzie Skulnick

I have no illusions that I’ll be able to read them all. Nevertheless … I’ve been working on The Odyssey since last month and became engrossed in Shelf Discovery earlier this week. But The Nix has jumped to the head of my list, and here is why:

I looked it up earlier this week after seeing a few raves for it. The publisher’s description captured my interest, specifically this:

A Nix can take many forms. In Norwegian folklore, it is a spirit who sometimes appears as a white horse that steals children away. In Nathan Hill’s remarkable first novel, a Nix is anything you love that one day disappears, taking with it a piece of your heart.

It’s 2011, and Samuel Andresen-Anderson—college professor, stalled writer—has a Nix of his own: his mother, Faye.

It’s the “college professor, stalled writer” bit that got me. I love books about professors. I’ve read it also has a political lampooning bent, which is not usually my thing (so easy – like shooting fish in a barrel). But the rest of it looks appealing enough that I want to give it a go.

TBYSReadathonSo I went in search of it at my library’s e-book collection. Alas, they didn’t have it. I recommended it, and, wouldn’t you know, it just came in today. It’s over 600 pages, and I only have 21 days to read it. Thus, it takes the top spot.

How about you? Any exciting Labor Day Weekend reading plans?

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  1. Sorry I’m late to this – what a crazy week it’s been. Funny enough, I just saw “The Nix” mentioned somewhere online and I got it confused with the TV series “The Knick”. Thanks to you, I realize my mistake and am intrigued by the book…though it sounds a bit heavy (not literally speaking – although I bet the hardcover version would be. Har har har.). Is it?

    1. It’s definitely heavy literally – 620 pages in hardcover! I finished it Tuesday and loved it from beginning to end. It’s my favorite kind of novel – funny, insightful about the human condition, generous, empathetic. Such a big hearted, beautiful book – I’m so happy I read it!

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