The Bout of Books readathon starts Monday

On the heels of a slow month (or two) of reading, I'm looking forward to this week's Bout of Books readathon. This week, I missed my first WWW Wednesday since I started participating in May. It’s the culmination of a very slow two months of reading. The biggest issue, as I see it, has been my attention. It has been split into what feels like a million directions. In reality, it’s more like seven or eight. Maybe nine, at most.

Well anyway, just yesterday, I read about the Bout of Books readathon, which I discovered at JMILL WANDERS. Here’s how the Bout of Books team describes it at their website:

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 22nd and runs through Sunday, August 28th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 17 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog.

Bout of Books

Reading is relaxation, recalibration, and inspiration time for me. Without it, life feels just the teeniest bit out of balance. So even though it’s too late for me to sign up officially for the Bout of Books readathon, I will be participating for myself. My reading goal is simple: to spend as much time as I can spare reading.

At the head of my priority list are the books I’ve had going all month, The Odyssey by Homer and Things Fall Apart: 50th Anniversary Edition by Chinua Achebe. Other than those two, I’ll be focusing on the titles on my immediate TBR, which is (surprise!) quite a long list:

The Revolving Door of Life by Alexander McCall Smith

The Old Curiosity Shop (Penguin Classics) by Charles Dickens

Strong Opinions by Vladimir Nabakov

Tolstoy Lied: A Love Story by Rachel Kadish

The Books in My Life (New Directions Paperbook) by Henry Miller

Imagined London: A Tour of the World’s Greatest Fictional City by Anna Quindlen

Book of Days: Personal Essays by Emily Fox Gordon

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman by Ernest J. Gaines

Spooky Little Girl: A Novel by Laurie Notaro

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Everything Is Going to Be Great: An Underfunded and Overexposed European Grand Tour by Rachel Shukert

Any of the many Jill Mansell novels in my Nook

This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

Any of the Hamish Macbeth Mysteries (31 Book Series) novels by M. C. Beaton in my Nook

How’s your reading life going this summer?

4 Replies to “The Bout of Books readathon starts Monday”

  1. Great List, Sally! Though I have to say, if it were me, I’d be focusing on the short books first…
    PS – Have you seen the Agatha Raisin TV series? I know you like M.C. Beaton, and I think the TV series is better than the books, actually…

    1. Yes, shorter books provide excellent readathon motivation. I see myself reading a Hamish Macbeth this week.
      I haven’t seen the Agatha Raisin series. Intrigued to hear you’ve found it better than the books. I haven’t read many of them, honestly. I prefer the Hamish books, but I might have to find the Agatha series now.

  2. I’m late to this, but love the idea of it. I hope it’s gone well – I can’t wait to find out how it’s turned out, and what books you chose from your TBR list. I guess that’s one of the advantages of not being able to read a blog you love until quite a few posts have gone by!

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