I’m Thankful for Bookish Friends (and Coffee)

Tusk & Cup

On Tuesday, I didn’t have time to read. Instead, I allotted my daily reading time to something just as enriching and recharging as reading a great book: I met my dear friend (and Books, Ink contributing editor) Jessica for coffee and book talk.

We talked about the books we both love and the books we want to read. We talked about the books to which our children have introduced us and the books we want to introduce to our children. We talked about a book we didn’t love the way we expected to, not to bash the author but to make sense of the experience. We talked about the books we want each other to read. We drank coffee (and more coffee, at least on my end). We planned a project that I’m sure to be talking more about here soon.

It was the kind of outing that stuffed my head (and my Nook library) full of new titles I can’t wait to dive into and explore and reminded of the books I’m looking forward to rereading. Driving home, I thought about how thankful I am for mornings filled with delicious coffee, a comfy couch, a cozy fireplace, and – best of all – sharing my love of great books and reading with a dear friend.

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