Mystery Thriller Week: Q&A with Ronnie Allen

Mystery Thriller Week, a celebration of the genre and its authors and readers, is underway through February 22. If you’ve done the math, yes, it’s 10 rather than the usual seven days. It’s a super-sized week for a super-sized genre. For more information, stories, and author interviews, pop over to

In conjunction with the event, I’ll be sharing Q&As with mystery and thriller authors throughout the week (and a half).

Today, I welcome Ronnie Allen (no relation), author of The Sign Behind The Crime series. Continue reading “Mystery Thriller Week: Q&A with Ronnie Allen”

Thoughts on reading book 11 in 44 Scotland Street

On reading the 44 Scotland Street Series

Back in October, I was excited to learn that a book 11 in Alexander McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street series existed. Finishing book 10 in September had left me feeling melancholy. I’d thought it was the last one. To find out just a few weeks later that an eleventh book existed felt a little like finding out a friend who moved away is coming back to town. Continue reading “Thoughts on reading book 11 in 44 Scotland Street”