Ramping up my reading challenge in May

I'm kicking my 2016 Reading Challenge into high gear in May with the #SmashYourStack reading challenge.

I'll be kicking my 2016 Reading Challenge into high gear in May with the #SmashYourStack reading challenge.My reading challenge has been my anchor during a busy first third of 2016. It has flown by in a haze of events, assignments, responsibilities, new experiences. In other words: life.

Through this rush, #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks has kept me focused without putting inordinate pressure on me to read a set number of books by a set date. It has reintroduced me to what is turning out to be an exceedingly well-stocked library (my very own!). It has staunched the slow bleed of my monthly earnings. Oh yes, this reading challenge came at just the right time, and I’ve loved everything about it.

Still…the rosy glow of affection and good intentions can dim over time, can’t they? Who hasn’t experienced the pull of old habits? Continue reading “Ramping up my reading challenge in May”

#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks Update: Overwhelmed, and not

Digital books - reading slump

I began today feeling exceedingly overwhelmed by my own damn books.

This weekend, I inhaled The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty. As with so many books in my Nook library, it’s there because I found it offered for $1.99.

It’s difficult to resist e-books offered for $2.99 or under. Why, that’s less than a large iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts! I’ll think to myself as I gleefully click “Purchase” on a book that was never on my radar. Even if I don’t fall in love with it, surely I’ll read it at some point? Continue reading “#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks Update: Overwhelmed, and not”