Blog Tour for “Unlocking Worlds”

Blog tour

Between November 16 and December 18, 2015 Unlocking Worlds and I were on (virtual) tour. Many thanks to these gracious and welcoming bloggers for the reviews, interviews, and guest posts, and thank you to iRead Book Tours for hosting!

November 16 – Corinne Rodrigues

“I realized that I need to be much more adventurous in my reading choices. Her descriptions of the books are concise, interesting and personal at the same time. I came away with quite a few additions to my ‘Must-read’ list.

If you’re a book lover, I’d recommend Unlocking Worlds to you!”

November 17 – The Bookish and the Romantic

“I would immensely recommend reading this book if you are a fellow bibliophile. I cannot seem to offer this book enough praise and will be recommending it for book clubs for discussion. One thing is for certain I will be carrying this book within me for a lifetime of enrichment.”

November 17 – Griperang’s Bookmarks

“This is a must read for lovers of books like myself.” 

November 19 – View From the Birdhouse

“Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion for Book Lovers is beautifully written by an author who clearly really loves books. This is a celebration of the joys of reading. It is sure to delight readers, and I think it would also be a fine, helpful reference for any book discussion group leader.”

November 20 – Library of Clean Reads

“This is a very well-written, thoughtful, eloquent book that is at the same time witty and humorous. In short, a must-read for book lovers of all sorts. I highly recommend it.”

November 20 – Laura’s Reviews

Overall, Unlocking Worlds by Sally Allen is a love letter to readers everywhere.  If you love books, you will love reading this book about reading, loving books, reading about great books to remember an old beloved book or find some ideas for a new read.”

November 23 – Thistles and Whistles

“She has beautifully been able to extract the essence of each book and her words have made me want to explore many books that I might not even have considered before.”

“I would consider Unlocking Worlds to be the perfect holiday gift for a book lover who loves reading a variety of genres and you aren’t sure what book to gift them. It’s also the perfect compilation of recommendations to keep on one’s bookshelf for the next time you’re just not sure what to read next.”

November 25 –

“What a wonderful reading companion! This  book should be on every reader’s library with an update every few years.”

November 26 – Readers’ Muse

“[T]his book is a treasure trove. It is a distilled version of the bookshelf of a bookworm, where she has carefully handpicked the books that she loved and those that made an impact on her. You may find books that you already know about, books that you never even knew existed, and those under appreciated books that you might have loved and not found anyone to discuss it with.” 

“Unlocking Worlds is a great reading companion – an index for good books and a book that would be consulted often to know about more amazing books.” 

November 27 – Italophilia

“Sally has captured the mind of every reader through her love and knowledge of books.”

Nov 30 – Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

“Within the pages of this wonderfully covered read (really, I love the cover), you’ll find a familiar soul.  You’ll discover someone who really gets you and the enjoyment that reading brings.”

“Overall, it’s a wonderful tribute to the power of books.  It shows the wonder to be had between the pages no matter your age, background, or social status.  It reminds us that the joys of reading are for ONE AND ALL.”

December 1 – Worth Getting in Bed For

“This is a gem of a book that you will find yourself perusing for that next great read.”

December 2 – Bound 4 Escape 

“This is a great resource for anyone who is looking for something new to read.”

December 3 –   Keenly Kristen

“This book is a treasure. It’s like having a cup of coffee with a fellow book lover. […] If you’re a book lover, do yourself a favor and give Unlocking Worlds a look-see.”

December 7 –   Sahar’s Blog

“If you love reading and love talking about books, then this book will make a great addition to your collection. I have a feeling that it might also be a great addition to a book club’s selection, a source of unity amongst book lovers and a conversation generator.”

December 8 –   Jaquo Lifestyle Magazine

“Altogether a pleasure to read, and definitely one I will go back to time and again […].”

December 9 –   Lovely Reads

“It’ll mean something a little different to each book lover. We all have our reasons for being a book nerd. We all have our favorite worlds to get lost in. […] I really loved this book and its so worth the read.”

December 10 – Essentially Italian

“The minute I began to read Unlocking Worlds I knew I had found a kindred spirit. […] Allen who has a PhD in English Education writes without airs, but with a true understanding of someone whose life is revolved around literature from early childhood onward.Unlocking Worlds is the perfect gift for any book lover.  It’s such a pleasure to read and infuses you with warmth and nostalgia.”

December 11 – misty103 @ HubPages

“I found this book about books to be an interesting and enjoying read. I felt like I was connecting with a person who truly enjoyed reading as much as I do. I found many of Sally Allen’s insights to be helpful and her writing to be inspiring.”

December 16 – Story Matters

“This little book changed me in ways I didn’t expect. […] It reminded me that there’s always beauty in literature…a truth I could stand to remember more often. […] The author writes beautifully and articulately, and I enjoyed connecting with her on the pages of her book. Which would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who cherishes books and reading, by the way. This little gem has found a spot on my forever-shelf, and I look forward to dipping into it again and again.”

December 16 – I’d Rather Be At the Beach

“I love this book! It’s a book I think every booklover would enjoy. It brought back memories of books read and introduced me to many new books. […] This is a book I’ll add to the ones I keep close by to refer to from time to time. I seriously hope the author writes another book like this.”

December 17 – Tragically Dull Adventures of An Almost Librarian

“This is a book lover’s dream […] A fun read that will only make you want to read even more.”

December 18 – Jorie Loves a Story

“I definitely found a like-minded soul in Allen – she’s a reader’s reader […].” 

December 18 – Create With Joy

“If you love literature – if you believe that reading books can change your life – if you are always on the prowl for a new book to add to the ever-growing TBR pile on your nightstand, desk, and kitchen table – then Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion For Book Lovers by Sally Allen is book you will surely treasure! […]The bottom line is, if you love books, then Unlocking Worlds deserves a place on your bookshelf – as crowded as it may already be!”