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Reading Wrap-Up: March Reads

My March reads reflect my current reading phase. In the past, my reading phases were often based on place: Russian literature, Japanese literature, memoirs by or about Middle Eastern women. Then, a few years ago, I began reading primarily contemporary literary fiction. Maybe because I was engaging with book lovers on social media, I was… Continue reading Reading Wrap-Up: March Reads

Reading Challenge 2016

The unabridged list of books read in October

October was a fab reading month! I enjoyed diving into contemporary literary fiction, fantasy fiction for young readers, a memoir, a nonfiction book, a classic, and some YA. Quite an eclectic month! Books I read: The following is one of my longest tallies this year. Actually, it might be my longest. Then again, quite a… Continue reading The unabridged list of books read in October

Reading Challenge 2016

Ramping up my reading challenge in May

My reading challenge has been my anchor during a busy first third of 2016. It has flown by in a haze of events, assignments, responsibilities, new experiences. In other words: life. Through this rush, #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks has kept me focused without putting inordinate pressure on me to read a set number of books by a set… Continue reading Ramping up my reading challenge in May