Reading Pet Peeve #3: Doomsday Prophesies

With so much out of our control, how can we shift attention from doomsday prophesies to what we can control and to beauty, hope, and joy at being alive?Doomsday prophesies aren’t just a bookish pet peeve. As a general rule, I’m frustrated by fear mongering – promoting the idea that we’re traveling down a slippery slope of ultimate human suffering and destruction from which we can never recover. *Cue ominous music*

Suffering and destruction are realities of human existence. No doubt about that. But humans are also extraordinarily resilient creatures. We’ve survived centuries, millennia, of wars, plague, and life before the Internet. Lingering in anger and resentment, obsessing about the past and what we want but can’t have – these hold us back and prevent us from dealing with reality as it is, like it or not.  Continue reading “Reading Pet Peeve #3: Doomsday Prophesies”