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A Reading List for the Christmas Books Obsessed

I don’t mean to alarm you, but December is almost here. Seasonal coffee beverages have been released. Evergreen wreaths have been hung in shopping centers. Christmas trees are for sale. I even heard Christmas carols in a store this week. What I’m saying is, I realize we haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but it’s time to… Continue reading A Reading List for the Christmas Books Obsessed

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Rediscovering (Almost) Forgotten Book Treasures

My friend Jessica Collins writes a beautiful column called “On the Children’s Shelf” over at Books, Ink. In it, she explores the value of reading children’s books (at any age) and shares the great books she discovers. After rediscovering a treasury of (almost) forgotten books last week, I asked Jessica if I could guest write today’s… Continue reading Rediscovering (Almost) Forgotten Book Treasures