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Why read children’s literature?

Children’s literature holds a prominent place on my reading list. Seven of the 16 books I’ve read this year are classified children’s or young adult novels. That tally will increase when I finish my current read, Alison Uttley’s charming A Traveller in Time. I’ve been thinking about what draws me to children’s literature because of a Guardian… Continue reading Why read children’s literature?


For a fun family read-aloud: Warren the 13th and The All-Seeing Eye

Thanks to my dear friend Jessica Collins and her column “On the Children’s Shelf,” I’ve been, over the last year, rediscovering my love of children’s literature. In a recent piece, she shared a related reading resolution that is dear to my heart: Making time for family reading and reading aloud together. Family read aloud time… Continue reading For a fun family read-aloud: Warren the 13th and The All-Seeing Eye

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Rediscovering (Almost) Forgotten Book Treasures

My friend Jessica Collins writes a beautiful column called “On the Children’s Shelf” over at Books, Ink. In it, she explores the value of reading children’s books (at any age) and shares the great books she discovers. After rediscovering a treasury of (almost) forgotten books last week, I asked Jessica if I could guest write today’s… Continue reading Rediscovering (Almost) Forgotten Book Treasures