Reading Effort 2017

Reading wrap-up: June reads and purchases

My June reads focused on my two reading projects: Ancient Greek literature and the Gilmore Girls reading challenge (which we’re doing at Books, Ink). Perhaps unsurprisingly, my library holds many of these titles already. I apparently have a lot to say about my June reads, so we might as well jump right in: Books read:… Continue reading Reading wrap-up: June reads and purchases

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15 (more) short books for #TBYSReadathon

I love reading excellent short books. I love reading big books too. But when it comes to Readathons, excellent short books take the win. As a slow reader, I can read them straight through and still read them well. Plus, I love that feeling of reading a whole book in a single day. Putting it… Continue reading 15 (more) short books for #TBYSReadathon