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Reading Wrap-Up: March Reads

My March reads reflect my current reading phase. In the past, my reading phases were often based on place: Russian literature, Japanese literature, memoirs by or about Middle Eastern women. Then, a few years ago, I began reading primarily contemporary literary fiction. Maybe because I was engaging with book lovers on social media, I was… Continue reading Reading Wrap-Up: March Reads

Reading Effort 2017

Reading my own books in 2017: January reads

This month, every book I read came from my existing library. I’m going to savor that for a minute… [*dramatic pause*] This is the first month since making the conscious decision to read my own books that all my reads were my own. Of course, I must thank Andi of Estella’s Revenge for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks and… Continue reading Reading my own books in 2017: January reads

Reading Effort 2017

A challenge for book hoarders like me

If tracking my reading journey this year has revealed anything, it’s that I am one of those readers. The ones who hit up bookstores and libraries on the regular (and can’t leave without books, plural, in hand). Who sign up for every existing e-book email list. Who scour “best of” articles for new titles. Who recognize there’s a problem then… Continue reading A challenge for book hoarders like me